Our Programs

Full Immersion

Here at SFFA we are a full Spanish immersion program. Our teachers, all of which are native speakers,speak to the children solely in Spanish throughout the day. Depending on the level of understanding of the child in the Spanish language, the teachers use visual aids, facial expressions and gestures to help the child understand.

We present the same type of activities that other centers and pre schools teach at non immersion centers such as: circle time, reading, science, manipulative and art while speaking in Spanish.

In a full immersion program a child is more likely to successfully obtain full comprehension of the language and become fluent since they continuously hear Spanish throughout the day.

There has been much research done on language immersion programs and their benefit on the child. According to many experts there is an immense benefit on cognitive development from the critical thinking a child does to process and understand the two languages. Myelita Melton, author of SpeakEasy, explains how by learning the structure of another language their ability in English is also improved. They do better with grammar and pronunciation in both languages. Francois Thibaut, founder of the Language Workshop for Children, focuses on the foundation that the acquisition of a second language at a young age lays for future academic success. Another benefit is the appreciation for diversity that a child develops by learning a different language and culture than the one he/she lives in.

We have many families ask us about any negative impact on the development of the English language but it has been shown that not only does immersion not hurt the development of the home language but it actually enhances it.

We fully believe that full immersion is best practice when it comes to teaching your little ones a second language and we will work both you and your child all along the way

Programs by Age

Following Chapel Hill School district laws, In Spanish for Fun Academy all registered children are placed in the room where she/he belongs based in his/her age and date of birth. They also are moved on to the next level with the same classmates and in some cases with the same teacher. 

Based on this we offer the following programs: