In Spanish for Fun Academy we have two annually events:

  • Parents’ Night
  • Picture Day. 

These events, don’t change in content or subject. If there is a change, such as changing date, changing hours, changing the person in charge, is a little one, so we can advice all of you, on time.

There are unexpected events. They occur depending on a variety of things that can happen in the community or in our state, of which we have no control. Example of these events can be an important person visiting the Center, and we have to receive him/her, accordingly.  If this happens to be the situation we will inform you, as always, ON TIME. We’ll contact you by e-mail, telephone or personally and let you know all the facts, so you can make a decision: I’ll be there or I won’t.

We have also to consider a lot of other things, before we plan a given event. This is  the case of our Annually Field Trip. In the first place we have to be aware of the weather, which makes impossible for us to choose dates in advance.We know that it will take place in any determined season, but the day we rather choose it close to the event occurrence. Once again you'll be informed ON TIME.

For other annual events, like graduation, please contact the Center at (919) 969-9055. We'll be pleased to inform every thing regarding, one of the must exiting events we have.