At this age children are in a social, very animated and full of energy stage. They are now capable of understand the others feelings and therefore they would try to console, or encourage them. 

The teacher will get them ready to  develop their different skills  through experimental, hand on, and fun activitie.

Now is time for them to go to kindergarten. 

Ratio for this age is 1-8


Here is a guide of a daily schedule

08:00-09:00          Children arrive/Free choice

08:30-09:00          Washing hands/breakfast

09:00-09:20          Circle time

09:20-11:50          Indoor/Free choice

11:50-12:00          Clean up/ washing hands

12:00-12:30          Lunch time

12:30-12:45          Washing hands/Toileting

12:45-01:30          Outside

01:30-01:40          Transition back from outside

01:40-03:10          Nap time

03:10-03:30          Snack time

03:30-04:30          Free play

04:30-05:30          Clean up/Outside.