This is the 'independent stage'.  Children will pretend they are  now capable, and that they are allowed to do every thing by themselves. They will try to do what ever they like. They will choose their clothing, they will decide what to ware and what NOT to ware, and they will try to do what they want to do and not what they are told, because, of course, they know what is best. 

Ratio for this age: 1-7


Here is a guide of a daily schedule

07:30-08:30   Children arrive/Free choices

08:30-09:00   Washing hands/Breackfast

09:00-09:20   Circle time

09:20-11:50   Indoor/Free choice

11:50-12:00   Clean up/Washing hands

12:00-12:30   Lunch time

12:30-12:45   Washing hands/Toileting

13:45-01:30   Outside

01:30-01:40   Transition/Back from outside

01:40-03:10   Nap Time

03:10-03:30   Snak time

03:30-04:30   Free  play

04:30-05:30   Clean up/Outside