Areas for Development

Our Teachers would make weekly plans, reinforcing and stimulating different development areas, based in specific themes and observations. These areas are:

Social Emotional

The social-emotional area is referred to the affective relations between people and implied emotions, sensations, sentiments and self esteem.  All that depend on the quality of the relations, established within the kids social environment. To reach the socialization process, kids may interact with others from whom they would learn rules, skills, habits, and attitudes to live in community.


Cognitive development happens when children interact with their environment and start constructing their knowledge of patterns and relations. As children grow they develop different cogntiive skills like problem solving, ability to reason, attention, etc.


Motor development is the progressive attainment of different muscular coordination and movement skill in children. This is how we can coordinate movement, control strength, speed, precision, manipulate tools and/or use the body in different activities like crawl, eye movements, walk, dance, drive tricycle, etc. Motor skills involve big muscles (gross motor skills) and small muscles (fine motor skills.).


Is the child's ability to understand and to use language. It is part of the cognitive development, but because its importance and the general development of children it gets special attention. Language development has two dimensions. The first dimension is the receptive language o the ability to understand it. The second dimension is the active language that is the ability to produce and use language.