Twos - Threes

Spanish for Fun Academy knows that babies are unique and therefore they develop at their own pace. That's why our teachers adapt their schedules to the needs of each individual child.

We allow our INFANTS to follow their own schedule. They sleep when they need to. They are fed according to parents direction, and diapered as often as needed.

Indoor gross motor activities will be provided during inclement weather. 

  Ratio for this age is 1 – 4

Here is a guide of a daily schedule

07:30-08:15   Children arrive/Free choice

08:15-08:50   Outdoor-indoor play

08:50-09:00   Washing hands

09:00-09:20   Breakfast time

09:20-09:45   Diaper change/Free choice

09:45-10:00   Teacher directed activity 

10:00-11:00   Free choice

11:00-11:45   Washing hands

11:45-12:00   Lunch

12:30-12:45   Diaper Change/Preparing for nap

12:45-03:00   Nap time/Rest time

03:00-03:15   Diaper change/quiet activities

03:15-03:30   Snack

03:30-04:15   Teacher directed activities/Free choice

04:15-05:00   Outside or indoor play

05:00-05:30   Diaper change/Free choice