Due to weather conditions, we are closed today Monday, December 10th. Check later for Tuesday update.

Toddlers II

There will be changes in children's thinking. They will organize images, and try to clean up things. This improve their memory, which allows them 'discover' his/her environment. They will be constantly looking for independence, and testing the limits of what adults allow them to do.

At Spanish for Fun Academy we know that a supportive interaction, warm comfort and respect for each other, help them to learn about themselves as a valuable being.

Our ratio in this room is 1 – 5

Here is a guide of a daily schedule

07:30-08:30         Children arrive/free choice

08:30-08:40         Washing hands

08:40-09:00         Breakfast

09:00-09:30         Diaper change/Free Choice

09:30-10:30         Teacher directed activities*

10:30-11:30         Outside play
11:30-11:40         Washing hands/Preparing for lunch
11:40-12:15         Lunch
12:15-12:35         Clean up/Washing hands
12:35-12:50         Story time/Diaper change/Diaper change/free choice
12:50-01:00         Preparing for nap
01:00-03:00         Nap time/Resting Time
03:00-03:30         Washing hands/Snack
03:30-03:40         Clean up
03:40-04:00         Diaper change/free choice
04:00-04:30         Free choice/Teacher Directed activities.
04:30-05:30         Outside play/Pick up time. 

(*) See activity plan for teacher directed activity (sing song/read books)
Indoor gross motor activities will be provided during inclement weather