Twos - Threes

At this age children's thinking continuos to change. They start to understand simbolism and use objects to represent something else. They are able to categorize and, organize materials in specific order. They start to further explore places, people and things surrounding them. They are constantly searching for independence, tasting the grown ups ‘limits’. All these achievements improve his/her memory, attention spam and specially to build knowledge.

At Spanish for Fun Academy we know that a supportive interaction, showing warmth comfort and respect for each individual, helps to learn about themselves as a value person. 

Ratio for this age 1-6

Here is a guide of a daily schedule

07:30-08:30        Children arrive/ Free choices

08:30-09:00        Washing hands/Breakfast

09:00-09:30        Free Choice

09:30-09:40        Circle time

09:40-11:10        Free Choice

11:10-11:40        Washing hands/Lunch time

11:40-12:10        Free Choice

12:10-12:40        Outside play

12:40-01:00        Washing hands/ Toileting

01:00-03:00        Nap/Rest Time

03:00-03:15        Washing hands/Toileting

03:15-03:30        Snack Time

03:30-04:25        Free Choice

04:25-05:30        Outside play/Free Choice